Airbus A380 visit to YUL, November 2007

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View of the tarmac from Avenue Jenkins/English (south east of terminal). Visible tails are Two Air Canada narrowbodies, a Westjet 737, Air Canada 777 and the Airbus A380 parked at gate 55.
Terminal and A380

View from the cargo area (Albert de Niverville) between two hangars.

view from Albert de Niverville

View from the hill behind Westwood Arena looking across cargo area towards airport. Notice the tail of the 380 is higher than the St-Joseph Oratory on Mount Royal in background :-) :-)

view from westwood park hill

On the second day, the A380 was scheduled to leave YUL at 14:00, but it left at 13:00. Got there just in the nick of time. Below is the 380 taxing to take-off on 24R in contracts to an Air Transat 310 at the Transat hangar. The 310 is closer so its size is exagerated compared to the 380.

380 with Transat tail

The A380 as it turns onto the 24R runway, in contrast with a Continental ERJ still on the taxiway. Note the size of the 380 engines relative to ERJ fuselage.

380 againt CO ERJ

A little later, the ERJ positioned itself behind the 380.

380 againt CO ERJ

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