Vaxination Informatique's involvement with CRTC with regards to throttling

CAIP vs Bell

Fri 04-Apr-2008 To:CRTC
My 4 page document to the CRTC outlining why Bell Canada has no jurisdiction to provide network management at the level of the content (aka: throttling) on what are essentially private circuits between an ISP and its customers.
Tue 08-Apr-2008 On: CRTC
My letter was filed by the CRTC as a Part 7, and attached to the CAIP's filing.
2008-04-03 - #: 8622-C51-200805153 - Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) - Application requesting certain orders directing Bell Canada to cease and desist from "throttling" its wholesale ADSL Access Services
Fri 23-May-2008 ADSL overview/introduction
This is a 4 page document providing general background to the ADSL service and who is responsible for what and why Bell has no right to look into the PPPoE payload contents. You can distribute this document to your heart's content.
Thu 03-Jul-2008 To:CRTC
My 29 page document to the CRTC outlining, well, many things against Bell's attempt to throttle the GAS/5410 tarifs. Had no time to proof read it. EPAS didn't work, but managed to submit at 23:57 using their web interface. Don't bother pointing typing errors, handing text, missing sentences etc.

Thu 04-Dec-2008 To:CRTC (von Fickenstein)
A 3 page letter to Konrad von Fickenstein, chairman of the CRTC outlining information dissemation failures as well as how the CRTC should not tolerate that telcos submit techically inaccurate information.
Thu 08-Jan-2009 From:CRTC (Tarversy)
The CRTC's response to the above letter. From John Traversy, Executive Director, Telecommunications
Mon 09-Feb-2009 To: General
14 page document outlining the flaws of the CRTC decision 2008-108. This document is not being submitted to the CRTC at this point in time.

2008-19 Throttling Public Inquiry

Mon 23-Feb-2008 To:CRTC
My feb 23 submission as general comments to the CRTC for the 2008-19 public notice
Tue 07-Jul-2009 To:CRTC Presentation
Slides in PDF and powerpoint for Vaxination's Jly 7th presentation at the public hearings on 2008-19. Original in Keynote, so powerpoint is reduced in features and may not faithfully reproduce presentation.

TN-7181 Bell's attempt at Usage Based Billing for GAS

Tue 14-Apr-2009 To:CRTC
The Usage Base Billing and other restrictions planned by Bell MUST NOT be allowed to pass. Only had a few hours to write this due to confusion at CRTC with regards to deadlines.
Fri Aug 21 2009 To:CRTC Request for Stay of Execution
A request for stay of execution of 2009-484 which is the decision to authorize Bell to start billoing UBB rates in early november. The implementation date is not realistic, especislly when you consider CRTC just began a new process to re-examine some of the aspects of that decision.

Review and Vary for Telecom Decision 2008-108 (throttling)

Letter, Web 20-May-2009 To:CRTC
Analysis, Web 20-May-2009 To:CRTC
Review and Vary application to get the CRTC to reverse its decision to allow Bell Canada to throttle.
Reply to comments Web 02-Jul-2009 To:CRTC
Vaxination's Final reply to the comments submitted by various parties.
Supplemental comments Tue 10-Aug-2009 To:CRTC
Supplemental comments as a result of disclosure by Bell of proportion of usage GAS/Vs Sympatico.

A canadian site operated by Michael Geist on Net Neutrality issues
Michael Geist frequently updated blog on current issues
A user instigated site providing links, documents and recent news
A forum for general canadian broadband issues. Smaller ISPs are represented here.
The ennemy's web site.
Press Release from Ellacoya
A press release (PDF) showing current trends in bandwdith use per main applications. P2P is no longer #1, it is HTTP which now uses the most.
2 Page PDF on How it works
This is a 2 page document from Ellacoya outlining how the throttling works and how it detects which packets are to be crippled.
Press release on new software features
Press release confirming that Ellayocas are now able to process/cripple encrypted flows to spot BitTorrent and Skype.

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