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Alpha was a 64-bit load/store RISC architecture that was designed with particular emphasis on the three elements that most affect performance: clock speed, multiple instruction issue, and multiple processors.

Alpha was designed as a 64 bit architecture. All registers are 64 bits in length and all operations are performed between 64 bit registers. It is not a 32-bit architecture that was later expanded to 64 bits.

Alpha Architecture handbook, Special Announcement Edition, January 1992

AlphaPowered logo Alphapowered Artwork
A .ZIP file containing different file formats usable to create your own artwork.

Contains EPS files for the cat and the Alphapowered text.

Contains Illustrator and Freehand formats of editable artwork.
Download alpha_artwork010.zip

AlphaPowered logo Alphapowered Login Logo
A 300*300 pixel XPM file containing the Alpha logo with black background. Used as logo to appear in the login screen.

To install, Save this file to :

Note the extension of PM instead of XPM. On newly installed systems, you may need to create some of the subdirectories. Once deposited there, no other action is needed for recent versions of VMS.

AlphaPowered Documentation Alphapowered Identity Standards
A PDF document from one of the former onwers of Alpha detailing the standards to follow when using the Alphapowered artwork, including standard colours, acceptable placement of the Alphapowered word close to the logo etc.
Alphapowered Web Icons
AlphaPowered 1 161 * 50 pixels, JPEG format. 3d pastille.
AlphaPowered 2 150 * 50 pixels. GIF format. White background
Digital Logo The Digital Logo
A Digital logo, as was used in pre-7.3 versions of the DECwindows login screen. More on the Digital logo at www.vt100.net/dec/logo
JPEG Version, 556*170 pixels
XPM Version, 556*170 pixels
Unger's backgrounds Backgrounds by Michael Unger
PNG Version, 1600*1200 pixels
TIFF Version, 1600*1200 pixels
Alpha history Alpha: The History in Facts and Comments
A good page that outlines the various milestones before and during the lifetime of the Alpha processor.

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