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VMS is a seriously powerful high quality operating system that pionneered clustering and whose capabilities are still ahead of others when it comes to active/active systems and disaster tolerance with nodes in different sites.

VMS began life in 1979 on the VAX hardware platform, followed by a port to the 64 bit Alpha architecture in the early 1990s, then HP's proprietary IA64 (Itanium).

has taken over development, marketing and sales of VMS and has committed to porting VMS to industry standard x86 servers. This promises to inject new life into an operating system that was forgotten due to lack of marketing.

Downloadable software:
switch WHOIS
A full featured WHOIS utility for VMS with built-in table of worldwide servers responsible for many TLDs, as well as reverse lookup and ASnumber lookup capability.
An automated background POP client for VMS which transfers emails from remote POP mailboxes to VMSmaili mailboxes.
switch CMUIP066
The venerable CMUIP TCPIP stack for VAX-VMS from carnegie Mellon University. This is a ZIP archive containing a VMSINSTALlable set of 4 savesets for 6.6-5, as well as an additional saveset for 6.6-5K which works on later versions of VMS. Saveset C contains some source code.
A macro program which provides access/displays the CMU-IP stack status/configuration.

Information about VMS and hardware:
switch VAX Temple
The VAX adoration temple, a quiet place where VAX worshippers can silently admire the accomplishements and stability that VMS and VAX has brough to the IT industry for decades. (opens in a new window)
switch Alpha Processor Artwork
A list of resources and artwork/logos for the Alpha Processor/Computers.
switch Microvax Resources
A list of resources for Microvax and Vaxstation owners and a tribute to the all-mighty Microvax II
switch VMS Shark Artwork
Reference, history and artwork/clipart for the VMS mascot, Vernon, the great white shark.
switch VMS webring links
A list of other web sites with VMS content
If you wish to have your site added, just drop me a line. No need to have fancy javascript in your pages to qualify.

Other resources
switch Character Set Table
Handy ISO-LATIN-1 (dec multinational) character set tables with the Digital control character mnemonics. Much easier to read than the ones in the VT320 manuals :-)
Postscript | Adobe PDF | JPEG Image
switch Template for TCPIP$SMTP_SYSTARTUP
A single template file with the various logical name definitions and documentation to allow further refinement of the SMTP mail server behaviour. (developped for TCPIP Services 5.1 and 5.3 in mind)
switch X windows backgrounds
Small collection of X windows images usable as screen backgrounds
switch Motif Reference
This is a collection of HTML pages I found on the net and which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. These pages are very useful as reference while programming (to find all resources associated with a widget for instance and provide clickable access to resource definitions. List of Routines
Table of contents
Framed list of routines
Zipped library contains about 435 html files and a AAAREADME.TXT

Other links of interest
switch OpenVMS.org
The OpenVMS.org website is for system administrators, developers, database administrators and technical managers, offering recent industry news, events, links, etc. related to HP's OpenVMS operating system running on the VAX, AlphaServer and Integrity platforms.
switch HoffmanLabs
HoffmanLabs is one of the pre-eminent sources of information about VMS, from hobbyists to system managers, information and lore about VMS, and plenty of questions answered about VMS (faq/ask the wizard).The site is being migrated to
switch Home of LD Driver and DFU
LDdriver is a pseudo device driver for the OpenVMS platform which allows any file to be treated as a disk. It allows VMS to read/create what are commonly called "ISO" images. The web site is operated by the developper of the driver.
The site also hosts DFU, a "must have" utility to manage disks, files, recover deleted file etc.

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