X-Windows backgrounds

Here are a few X-bitmap files usable as screen backgrounds. On VMS, you can use the command:

XSETROOT -bitmap <filename>.XBM
Colour DECW
XV -root -quit <filename>.JPG
Colour CDE
Then use the style manager to install that image as your backdrop. You may need to create the [BACKDROPS] directory first, or move the file to CDE$SYSTEM_COMMON:[BACKDROPS]

Space station Picture of space station taken during STS113 mission to the station in November 2002. Source: spaceflight.nasa.gov photo gallery.

Plane taking off Picture of An Airbus 340-600 taking off with one engine out during high altitude tests at LaPaz Bolivia.

Alpha Powered Logo The Alpha Cat (cheetah) in official dark blue background.

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