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Microvax resources:
switch Microvax II shrine
The All Mighty Microvax-II shrine
switch Computer-Refuge
A web site which contains an extensive list of DEC manuals in PDF format (most are scanned images). You'll find CPU technical manuals there. Look for the DEC 94 MDS entry.
switch VT100.NET
A great resource for all tVT terminal documentation, as well as some dec printer documentation.
switch The Microvax/VAXstation FAQ
A great resource chockful of useful tidbits for microvax owners.
switch VAXstation 3100
A very good description of the Vaxstation 3100, including video port pinouts and photos of boards.
switch VAXstation 3100-76 Owner Guide
The VAXstation 3100 model 76 owner guide in HTML, but unfortunatly requires javascript for navigation buttons (instead of simple links)
switch Digital Documentation
An extensive list of PDF and TXT manuals for Digital hardware, including many for Microvax and Vaxstations. This is hosted on the deathrow cluster.
switch The Digital Museum
Despite being on a microsoft web site, this is a great resource of historical documents about Digital.
switch Q-BUS (Q22) information
A good page describing various QBUS (Q22, Q-BUS) physical layouts and Q-BUS history.
switch Table of VAX models
A comprehensive table of small VAX and Microvax machines setup by Richard Levitte.
switch More tables of VAX models
A NETBSD web site table of many/most Microvax/Vaxstation models with much information about each model
switch Table of module names/numbers
A text file containing a large list of DEC module names and numbers. Handy to translate from module number to type of device.

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