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POPtoMAIL provides a background POP client which transfers emails from remote pop servers to local VMSmail mailboxes and can process emails on behalf of multiple users, each capable of scanning multiple remote pop servers.

If you need a more uptodate software, you can look into libspopc, a pop3 client library available at: http://brouits.free.fr/libspopc/

POPtoMAIL for VMS provides unparalleled features such as:

DOWNLOAD POPTOMAIL V3.7 .ZIP archive which contains an AAAREADME.TXT and software savesets as well as installation script. Unzip the archive in a temporary directory, read the AAAREADME.TXT and proceed with installation.
Consult Documentation You can view here the documentation in text form.

To send comments and bug reports , check the Contact page.

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