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switch The Swoose Partnership
VMS and Information Security
switch DJE Systems OpenVMS Page
OpenVMS Information, Hobbyist Support, freeware, Free-VMS, Multia
switch Independent VMS support and crash analysis
OpenVMS support, especially crash analysis, from one of the UK's most expert system analysers. Also doing internet security for businesses in south-east hampshire. Believed to display correctly on all browsers, and works best with JavaScript enabled. I CERTIFY that there are NO malicious scripts on my OpenVMS hosted site.
switch Hunter Goatley's VMS Freeware Archives
One of the oldest and largest archives of quality freeware for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Alpha. Previously known as the WKU FILESERV, the archives are now hosted by Process Software.
switch Kednos
From this site you may download both documentation and kits for the PL/I compiler for OpenVMS for both VAX and Alpha. Also, you may download the kits of the PL/I compiler for Tru64. ECCN Number EAR99 No License Required
switch OpenVMS: VAX - Alpha - IA64 (Itanium)
Promoting OpenVMS programming by example. I'm just doing my part to futher the OpenVMS cause. IMHO, the computer kids of the future will look upon VAX/VMS as the "Chevy era" of computing.
switch XDelta Limited - OpenVMS section
OpenVMS consulting and information
switch Chuck's House of VAX
This is my 'everything VAX' web page that describes my collection of VAXen and the VAX in general.
switch OpenVMS Consultng Services
This web page contains my resume, VMS software I have written, and some personal information.
switch ModulaWare Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Compiler Products
ModulaWare's 64 bit Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler for OpenVMS Alpha exploit VLM for dynamic data. ModulaWare's Alpha Oberon System is the only programming system that uses VLM not only for dynamic data, but also for static data, strings, literals, and program-code. The web-site features technical articles about 64 bit programming in Modula-2 and Oberon-2 under OpenVMS, data sheets
switch Synergy Software Consulting - OpenVMS Solutions
We provide custom OpenVMS Training and Software Consulting Services.
switch OpenVMS WebRing Home Page
The home page of the OpenVMS WebRing. The WebRing for sites with content related to the OpenVMS operating system from Compaq.
switch Mohsin's Website
My personal website; I am a network engineer and integration expert. I have succesfully integrated Novell, Microsoft NT, AS400, DEC/Compaq VMS, and Unix systems. I have worked with VMS since 1991 and love the flexibility and resiliency of this outstanding operating system.
switch VMSPerl
The main site for Perl information on OpenVMS
switch Robert Gezelter Software Consultant
Robert Gezelter provides in-depth technical consulting on OpenVMS related topics. WWW.RLGSC.COM includes many of his conference presentations as well as links to some of his publications.
switch Phil Ottewell's OpenVMS Pages
Information and links about VMS, plus free software, tutorials and example programs with source code.
switch Encompass ESILUG
ESILUG is an Encompass Local User Group in the Washington DC area.
switch VMSBOX.cjb.net Free VMS Shell Accounts
Hobbyist AlphaServer 2100 offering shell accounts for people interested in learning and developing on the VMS platform. NOTE! No commercial development allowed.
switch =S&B= Joint Stock Company
Industrial automatics development and pilot production. Distributed industrial electronics, multiplatform networking and support software (OpenVMS, Linux, Windows).
switch Carlc Internet Services (OpenVMS Servers)
OpenVMS OSU Web Services. You know its reliable, so why use anything else?
switch Alexander Binder's Homepage
Working in website development and OpenVMS management and system programming.
switch WASD OpenVMS HTTP Services Package
Demonstration site for the WASD OpenVMS Hypertext Services Package. An HTTP server, with CGI scripts, Secure Sockets Layer capability, on-line administration. Empowered by OpenVMS of course!
switch OpenVMS.org
OpenVMS.org (http://www.openvms.org) is a website for system managers, technical managers and developers. Site Features: Forums, Surveys, OpenVMS Monthly Newsletter, daily industry news, vendor listings, links to other resources
switch VMS resources and software at Yezerski Roper
YRL have many years experience implementing high availability systems based round OpenVMS and NT solutions. Our staff have developed a number of VMS utilities which may be freely downloaded from our site. Although based in the UK, we have clients in Europe and the USA and are always happy to discuss how we can meet your needs
switch La page WEB a Syltrem
Helpful articles on different OpenVMS sujects. This is intended as a guide for newcomers in the OpenVMS world, as well as a reference for the rest of us. Find some good tricks, too, and why we should keep on using OpenVMS! *** Cette page est en langue franšaise! **
switch Richware
OpenVMS Freeware
switch Live demonstrations of VMS based applications
The home page for Tachyon Software Consulting, a firm specializing in VMS support at the systems level: systems programming, system management, etc
switch MSI, Inc. - OpenVMS, Software & Migration Specialists
The home page for Migration Specialties International, Inc. We offer a host of OpenVMS related services. We also support the only RPG compiler available under OpenVMS. We have a DIBOL to C translation tool called CBL. We are specialists in software migration and legacy (COBOL, DIBOL, BASIC, etc.) application support and integration.
switch Robert's OpenVMS Hobbyist Servers
OpenVMS Software that I've ported or are helping to port.
switch PARSEC Group
Expert consulting, support, training world-wide OpenVMS on: Alpha, VAX, Itanium. Full-service world-class services to hundreds of consulting clients, trained thousands of technical professionals.
switch Original free OpenVMS utilities
Original free OpenVMS utilities from "FB Software and Services"
switch Augmentia Corporation
OpenVMS software design, development, testing, and documentatation.
switch Quadratrix - OpenVMS Solutions
Quadratrix specializes in products and services for the OpenVMS operating system. We have been active in the development of mission critical applications, and have extensive expertise in system management, especially of OpenVMS clusters.
switch Nall-Putman homepage
It's not much at the moment, but it's running OSU's HTTP server on OpenVMS v7.3-1 on an Alphastation 200 4/233.
switch Home page for Keith Parris
I'm a consultant specializing in disaster-tolerant VMS clusters and VMS performance issues. Site contains DECUS presentations and other info on VMS Internals and VMS Clusters.
switch MenuFinder for OpenVMS
Presentation of MenuFinder, a menu generator utility for OpenVMS, available free for VAX and with very affordable licensing terms for AXP. The ideal tool for system managers to manage administration and users tasks. The program is available for immediate download.
switch Jeff Cameron's OpenVMS Support Pages
This site provides hints and suggestions for VMS management in cluster environments. DCL, FORTRAN and other programs are available for download.
switch CCSS Corporation
An OpenVMS centric consulting company with a fully self-contained on-line OpenVMS training environment. CCSS Interactive Learning provides self-contained training courses in OpenVMS targetted for to provide the knowledge to the student quickly and in an easy to understand form.
switch Willem's OpenVMS page
Pages dedicated to OpenVMS
switch Open VMS Relational Links
Linkpage related to Open VMS
switch VAXstation 3100 Model 76 Owner's Guide
The complete VAXstation 3100 Model 76 Owner's Guide in HTML format. A valuable reference for those configuring VAXstations
switch htDig for OpenVMS & more
These are my private pages at my employer's site, home of the OpenVMS port of ht://Dig, the OpenVMS Programming FAQ and more.
switch Sneddo's OpenVMS freeware and links...
OpenVMS freeware, links to other VMS sites and links to other non-computing sites that I find interesting.
switch SysWorks
SysWorks provides services and products to simplify your OpenVMS management and development programs. We also develop solutions for OpenVMS systems integration with the Windows and Tru64 Unix platfoms and the Internet.
switch Marty Kuhrt's Personal Webpage
Just some ramblings about my life served from an Alphaserver running Apache.
switch Popejoy Solutions, Inc.
Popejoy Solutions, Inc. is a central NY company offering OpenVMS Systems Management and Configuration Design and Documentation consulting in addition to other consulting, solutions, training, and technical writing services.
switch VMS page
A collection of links to VMS sites and a page about writing CDs for VM
switch John Wisniewski Home Page
Personal WEBpage with OpenVMS Links and Information
switch .zel.org AlphaOberon website
Download the free 64 bit Alpha Oberon graphical interactive programming system for Compaq OpenVMS Alpha. Comes with several year-9999-ready games such as Tetris, MineSweeper, and SameGame; requires XWindows (is part of Motif/DECWindows); runs under OpenVMS Alpha V6.x and V7.x.
switch Apache Web server on OpenVMS
This site contains information about the use of the Apache Web server on the OpenVMS operating system platform. Largely driven by submissions, so content is as stale -- or as fresh -- as people like
switch OPCOM's VMS Hobbyist Zone
Site of the original requestor of the the VMS Hobbyist License. "How to set up VMS on a VAX with no prior experience". Pure Hobbyist Fun for Today's Vaxocentric Family! * Now with Alpha, Galaxy, and layered products!
switch Weaver Consulting Services - Canadian CHARON-VAX Var
Weaver Consulting Services offers OpenVMS consulting on VAX, Alpha and CHARON-VAX.
switch Byte Doctors, North Carolina Triangle
VMS and OpenVMS spoken here. Linux spoken here. We make housecalls. Set up nameservers, webservers, system admin, LAN, networking. Terminal emulation specialists. Raleigh, Wake Forest, NC. Triangle, RTP.
switch TITAN - VAXstation 4000 VLC
A site documenting a VMS newbie's attempt to become a VAXherder. Info on the VAXstation 4000 VLC.
switch James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins' personal site, the Refrigerator Door, hosts one of the net's most extensive information resources on webrings and webring systems.
switch Bootstrap Systems
Information on Performance and Reliability tools and services for OpenVMS.
switch Patrick Moreau - OpenVMS Hobbyist Page
Page devoted to OpenVMS Hobby: flight simulation, sound and music with OpenVMS, the DECWindows Archive (free X11 software ported to OpenVMS).
switch Resilient Systems. Inc.
Consultants providing IT solutions for complex OpenVMS and Windows systems and clusters, including VAX to Charon-VAX migrations. Pointer to our White Paper: "VAX Emulator on HP's Marvel AlphaServers Extends the Life of Legacy DEC VAX Systems".
switch Quayle Consulting Inc.
Quayle Consulting provides software development and system administration for a number of platforms, including OpenVMS. Staff includes HP Certified Professional OpenVMS System Administrators.
switch Alan's OpenVMS Links
Links to OpenVMS resources
switch The Mom Software Services Internet homepage
Mom Software Services specializes in design, development and test of software applications for production automation systems, data aquisition systems, equipment control systems, communication control systems and database information systems running on the OpenVMS operating system.
switch Pennington Systems Inc. -- XTRAN
Pennington has developed and markets XTRAN, our expert system for translating, analyzing, re-engineering, and generating assembly code (2GL), 3GL, 4GL, command, and database languages. Analysis and re-engineering include Euro activities. Languages include PDP-11, VAX, Series/1, and Encore assemblers; C/C+; Fortran; COBOL; Pascal; PL/I; PL/M; and several proprietary languages.
switch DVDwrite for OpenVMS
Program for DVD burning under OpenVMS (VAX or Alpha)
switch Software PC,Hardware PC,Custom PC,Compaq
Compaq. Operating software systems, software: utility, anti-virus, security, business, communication, education, entertainment, graphics, multimedia. Hardware: components PC, data storage, desktop, digital cameras, handhelds PDA, input devices, modems, monitors, multimedia, notebooks, tablet PC, power protection, printers, scanners, servers, tower computers, workstations, drives
switch Taylor Made Software, Inc.
Taylor Made Software, Inc. provides OpenVMS-related services including: programming, system management, and training. We also publish a book about OpenVMS system services programming.
switch A few VMS Games available online
Some VT100 Games, mostly from Waikato University, for OpenVMS are can be accessed at the Deathrow VMS cluster.
switch Jean-Francois Pieronne Site
OpenVMS Web Site, contains many tools and demonstrations
switch Ian Miller's web site
Contains various utilities such as mailbox management and SDA additions.

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